Bullying Hotline

Please call 765-963-3189 to report bullying.

CaRE -Conflict Resolution Environment
at Tri-Central Community Schools

Conflicts are normal experiences within one’s school and/or work environments.

CaRE is an on-going school support system where students, staff and parents are committed to working towards the same end:  a secure and safe school environment.

Normal peer conflict implies a balance of power, less frequency and a lack of real victim trauma.  Students are asked to resolve their own conflicts, when and if they can; as learning to deal with peer conflict helps students master socialization skills as they mature into healthy adults.  Adult intervention can rob students of the opportunity to learn important coping skills.  Students are supported to resolve issues among themselves, to collaboratively work through responses and solutions and to learn skills that can be applied in other settings. 

Bully/victim conflict includes an imbalance of power or perceived power.  Bullies are driven to force their will on others and are inflexible to resolutions that are mutually beneficial.  This type of conflict requires adult intervention, and students are asked to and supported in seeking this intervention.

Proactive Responses to Peer Conflict for Students:

1. Speak up; silence is NOT an option.  Verbally and calmly, use “I-messages”.

2. Ask to share each other’s points of view regarding the conflict.

3. Listen intently and without bias to each other’s points of view.

4. Attempt to compromise or collaborate a solution to the conflict.

Compromise:  Give and take (make trade-offs) in order to resolve.

Collaborate:  Win-win problem-solving.  Pooling of individual needs and 

           goals toward a common goal.

5. Ask for adult intervention from counselor, teacher or administrator IF all other options have been exhausted.  Mediation may result.

Proactive Responses to Bullying/Victim Conflict for Students:

1. STOP to calm down. Then Speak up; silence is NOT an option.  

2. If in doubt, always report.  Anonymous ‘Bully Reporting’ on Tri-Central Community Schools website.  Tell an adult immediately.

3. Counselor or administrator will become involved.